Vancouver Land Bridge

Near Columbia River mile: 107

Dedicated: August 23, 2008

Type: Earth covered pedestrian/bicycle (beam) bridge

Main Span Length: 190 ft total bridge length (88 foot span + 102 foot span)

Center Clearance Over Washington State (Lewis and Clark) Highway: 24 feet

Outside Width: 40 feet

Color: warm buff color

Cost: $12.25 million

Purpose: Reconnects historic Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River waterfront

Sponsor: Partnership of Confluence Project members, the National Park Service, the City of Vancouver, and the Washington State Department of Transportation

Engineer/Designer: KPFF Consulting Engineers

Architect/Designer: Johnpaul Jones, as part of the Maya Lin Confluence Project to create a series of seven art installations from the border of Idaho to the mouth of the Columbia River.

Access: Fort Vancouver (north); SE Columbia Way (south), just north of Old Apple Tree Park

Last updated: 20 February 2010.